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of clothes store.
Must have* * been made in fair conditions * no animal bits included * style for days

We believe 'good clothes' are more than just swish fabrics and flattering cuts. They should be kind on the planet, look after the humans that make them, and shouldn't negatively affect any creature's life.

But 'good clothes' are often mistaken as the latest "must have" fashions. Stuff you can throw on one day and throw out the next. But when we just look at the designs, we don't see the whole picture.

Fast fashion is killing our planet, our people and our sense of style. The fashion industry produces 1.3 billion tonnes of waste every year alongside chemical pollution from machinery, dyes and transportation. And if that's not enough - often the people who sew the seams are working long hours, seven days a week, being paid next to nothing.

Time for some realness.

We're not perfect, but we're doing our best to choose the most sustainable companies and we won't stop pestering the others until they change their ways.

We know you have your own priorities, so if veganism tops your must-have list, or you live plastic free, then you can filter your results or look at the 'badges' on every product page.